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Terra Keramik Cup Sets

Triple Fired for Durability. Handcrafted in Switzerland. Perfection.

An artist creating a Terra Keramik Cappucino Cup

Handcrafted by Master Potter & Sculptor Felix Volger, from a passion spanning more than 27 years. His Artisan work on the famous Terra Keramik Coffee Cups are a master piece on their own.

Handcrafted in Switzerland with only 5000 cups leaving the workshop annually. Terra Keramik cups are considered to be the best of the best by Baristas all over the world.

With the right size, thickness and mouthfeel, Terra Keramik cups retain the heat for a better allround coffee experience. Sleek elegant designs using bright eclectic colours. All cups are finished off with a platinum handle and rim, and are hand signed by the artist himself.

Cappucino Cups $45.00
Espresso Cups $40.00

Contact Us to express your interest in purchasing Terra Keramik Cappucino &/or Espresso Cups.

Cappucino Cups

Espresso Cups