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Vert Coffee Tamper by Overdose Specialty Coffee

"Tampers..... Made by a Barista for the Barista."

With an ever expanding industry, Coffee has become big business. And with it comes a demand for anything and everything new. That is why we are constantly in the 'shed' developing and designing new tampers for the market.

Each tamper is hand crafted using the best quality 304 stainless steel, 6000 series aluminium and are all 100% Australian Made.

Overdose Specialty Coffee produce tampers for the Professional Barista and Home Coffee Enthusiast.

Please feel free to check out our current range of tampers on offer, and keep an eye out for our new Tampers as they are added to the list. If you see something you like please Contact Us and we'll have it at your door before your coffee goes cold!


Price: $120.00

Made entirely from food Grade 304 Stainless Steel (including all fasteners) that will never rust. VERT Tampers come with a standard flat 58 mm base for use with both commercial and home coffee machines.

Weighing in at 537g each, using a real 50mm 101a Grade Polyurethane skateboard wheel.

The espresso tamper is height adjustable to suit smaller and larger hands for the best comfort. Just remove the hex nut, washer and wheel to remove the spacer and allow the handle to be adjusted.

VERT Tampers can even be customised with your own skateboard wheels!